Register My Athlete is broken into 4 types of users:

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The following features show what a parent has access to when using the software.


The announcements page shows any announcements the school may have for a given year. Any user that is logged in can view this page.

My Athletes

The my athletes page will show all athletes associated with the current account. If the account is new, it will show something like the image to the right.

Your Athlete

The athlete page shows information about a given athlete. To begin registration for a sport, all requirements on this page must be complete. Requirements include: Athlete Information, Medical Information, Insurance Information, Guardians, and Emergency Contacts.


The registration page includes a checklist of items that must be complete before an athlete can tryout. All items must eventually be completed to register for a sport and become part of a team. Items that must always be completed before tryouts include: any documents the school requires parents/athletes to read, guardian e-signature, and an athlete e-signature. Physicals and payments may or may not be required before tryouts—that is up to the school to decide.


The payment page allows parents to pay the registration fee for their athlete(s) online. Register My Athlete uses Propay to process all transactions so you know your payments will be handled safely and securely.


The following features show what a coach has access to when using the software.

My Teams

The my teams page shows any teams under a sport that the particular user is a coach for. For example, if the user is a coach for Junior Varsity Football and Varsity Basketball, both teams will show up here for the given year.


The team page shows all athletes on that team and gives the coach options to print various lists associated with that team.

Head Coaches

The following features show what a head coach has access to when using the software.


The sports page shows a list of all sports the head coach is a part of. If the head coach is also assigned as a coach, the my teams link and page will also be available to the head coach.

Sport View

When a sport has been chosen, an individual sport view shows a list of all teams associated with a particular sport. For example, there may be Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Freshman teams associated with Football. Here the head coach can assign coaches, view registrations, manage tryouts, view documents associated with the sport, view any injuries to players on any teams associated with the sport, and view emergency/contact lists.


An administrator is given full access to the software. Because they are given full access, most schools only give administrator privileges to a few users—usually the athletic director, principal, and one other. The features only administrators are allowed to access are below.


There are multiple options under the settings tab. Here an administrator can fine tune the software to fit their school's needs. The school profile is required to be filled out when an administrator logs in for the first time.


The orders page shows all orders placed on the school's system. All payments that are successfully processed will show up here.

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